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If you’re separating or going through a divorce, and you’re worried about family lawyers creating conflict, you’ve come to the right place. A unique family law mediation solution, Untying the Knot is about untangling your relationship, rather than cutting the rope.

It’s about dancing together at your chlidren’s weddings, and both being at your grandchildren’s birthday parties, not sitting at opposite sides of the room.

We offer fixed fee packages to help you reach an appropriate, thoughtful family law agreement through mediation.

family law mediation for divorce with family lawyers

We all know the damage that can be done to families by the Family Court system.

But we have also seen too many times parties going through a divorce attend family dispute resolution or family law mediation
and reach agreement in the spirit of goodwill,
only to have everything fall apart when it comes time to convert that agreement into court orders.

If parties have not had legal advice prior to family mediation or family dispute resolution,
then sometimes they reach agreements  that simply won’t be approved by the Family Court.

Sometimes with the benefit of legal advice, people believe that the agreement they reached  was not appropriate.

Situations like these result in the time, effort and money put into the agreement being thrown away.

But more than that, when you have children, it can create mistrust and resentment.

We believe every family has the right to reach agreement in a way that minimises the impact of divorce on their children.

Untying the Knot was designed for families.


Legal advice throughout the family mediation process
This ensures that both of you know what your rights and entitlements are.

Settlement meetings
Your family mediation meetings are conducted by an experienced family law mediator,
drawing on the principles of Collaborative Practice.

A focus on your family
Your children didn't ask for your divorce.
Research tells us that children are not harmed by divorce, but by conflict.
Our fixed fee family mediation solutions reduce stress and conflict - which is better for your kids.

Family law agreements
After your family mediation meetings, you receive confirmation of what you have agreed to.

Fixed fees
Certainty about costs - upfront. No hidden fees.

Parenting Plans or Consent Orders
If you reach a final family law agreement the Untying the Knot team
convert that agreement into a parenting plan or consent orders to be filed in the Family Court.

Family Lawyers and Mediators committed to keeping you and your children out of the Family Court
All the specialist family lawyers on the Untying the Knot panel are trained in Collaborative Practice and committed to resolving matters without going to court.
Your family lawyers will be giving you legal advice, but also working hard to keep you out of the Family Court.

untying the knot - fixed fee family law solutions



Gathering background information and your family law documents

Untying the Knot gathers all the information from you that your lawyers need to be advise you.
This makes our fixed fee family law mediation process much more affordable than traditional family law services.

Secure online family law portal

With our special online tools, information and documents can be securely uploaded in your own time.
Once your specialist family lawyer has reviewed them, we arrange for both parties' documents to be exchanged with the other.

Family law meetings at times that work for you

We understand that if you have children, worrying about getting to school pick up might prevent you from being able to negotiate effectively.
We can schedule your family law mediation meetings around your commitments.
We even have some availability on Saturdays!

Arranging valuations

If you have a property or business, we have fixed fee arrangements with specialist valuers. We arrange the valuations for you, so you can focus on preparing for your family law mediation meetings.

Comfortable accessible meeting rooms

Our mediation rooms are all easily accessible by public transport and meet accessibility requirements.

Online and video meetings

Sometimes it isn't convenient for you to come into the city for a meeting.
We use technology to ensure you can receive advice and attend family law mediation meetings wherever you live.

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What our Family mediation clients say

Thank you for your wonderful help in making what could have been a
hard time a reasonably seamless one. You’ve made one very happy family
again. It was all getting lost in translation. Thank you so much.

Jayne W


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