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Are you going through a separation and worried about lawyers creating conflict?

You’ve come to the right place.

Are you concerned about the impact of your divorce on your children?

We can help you.

Are you worried about how much your divorce will cost?

We will tell you upfront and fix our fees.

Are you concerned you won't know what to focus on in mediation?

We have a workbook to help you focus on what’s important to you.

Are you worried your former partner will try to take control?

We can keep you safe and manage power imbalances.

We know the damage that can be done to families and children by the Family Court system.

Every family has the right to reach agreement in a way that minimises the impact of divorce on their children.  

Even parents whose co-parenting relationship has fractured through the legal system, can achieve better communication and reduced conflict.

Untying the Knot was designed for families.

parenting coordination parenting coordinator

Untying the Knot is here to help

Untying the Knot was born of a desire to help separated families reduce conflict to improve the lives of families. Untying the Knot is about untangling your relationship, rather than cutting the rope.

It’s about dancing together at your children’s weddings, and both being at your grandchildren’s birthday parties, not sitting at opposite sides of the room.

We help separated couples reach appropriate, thoughtful family law agreements through mediation.

We help parents resolve communication barriers and conflicts through parenting coordination.

We help couples planning a life together design their future so that if things don’t work out,
you can untie the knot, rather than cutting the rope.

Untying the Knot is a better family law mediation
and parenting coordination solution

Insightful family law mediator and parenting coordinator

Your family mediation or parenting meetings are with an experienced family law mediator and parenting coordinator
trained in the Insight Approach to Mediation, that gets to the heart of conflicts and resolving them.

A focus on your family

Your children didn’t ask for your divorce.
Research tells us that children are not harmed by divorce, but by conflict.
Family mediation, family dispute resolution and parenting coordination reduce conflict – which is better for your kids.

Fixed fees

Certainty about costs – upfront.
No hidden fees (and we always quote including GST!)

Our Family in Two Homes Resource Package

Our Family in Two Homes is a complete resource package combining the knowledge of an experienced family law mediator
with a comprehensive workbook.

We include this in all our fixed fee family mediation and family dispute resolution packages.
We know what a powerful resource it is for families.

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