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The family law mediators and specialist family lawyers on our panel offer fixed fee family mediation across all Australia.

We have a panel of specialist family law mediators, Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners and family lawyers, committed to providing the best experience for you.

Currently Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne mediations are face to face
with the option of separate rooms or the use of video-conferencing (which can also be in separate virtual rooms).

We have more family law mediators and family lawyers throughout Australia applying to join our panel,
and we will continue to expand across Australia. 

For those areas not yet serviced face to face, we have mediation meetings via video-conference.

We understand that when you are separated, working and/or juggling  children’s commitments, it can be difficult to get time off during the day.
We make it easier for you to manage the juggle, by offering  after hours appointments, even on Saturdays (although those do go quickly!).


You might want to send a link to our homepage to your former partner,
with a suggestion that they take a look and see if our family mediation process interests them.

You could also invite them to join you in a complimentary video information call, to find out more and ask questions.

Or, we can contact them on your behalf.

If you are uncertain about the best approach, we recommend you contact us to discuss which of our fixed fee family law mediation solutions is right for you and how to approach your former partner about working with our panel's family law mediators and family lawyers.

It’s important to start the family mediation process in a way that makes you both comfortable.

Australian Family Law Mediators


If you would prefer to attend Mediation without lawyers, or with your own lawyer, and the other party has agreed to attend you can book Mediation online.
If you are uncertain about the best option for you, book a free Divorce Options session.

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Online and video mediation available across Australia