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How much does fixed fee family mediation cost?

You need help to reach an agreement with your former partner or the other parent.  But you are worried about the cost. You are already experiencing uncertainty about your family’s future. You don’t want to cut corners when you are working towards an agreement or make decisions you later regret

Our fixed fee family law mediation packages give you financial certainty during a very stressful and uncertain time in your life.

At a time when you are not sure what is within your control, you can control your family law fees.

No hidden extras. No unexpected bills. All our packages include GST and the valuable Our Family in Two Homes Resource Package.

We currently offer family law fixed fee mediation in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Sydney and Melbourne and online across Australia.
In Brisbane, if our rooms are available, there is no additional room hire charge.  Otherwise, room hire is approximately $110 per party for a day

How much does mediation cost in Australia?

$1,100 per party (inc. GST) Suitable for parenting matters or property matters. 
If both issues are to be mediated, or lawyers are attending, 2 x half days or one full day are required
$1,650 Now reduced to $1,375 per party (inc. GST)
Full day mediation in person or by video

How do I organise fixed fee family law mediation?

You can book with us right now, using our Bookings Calendar - just the select the service you need:

If you want to get started right away, but the other party has not yet agreed to mediation, book a Mediation Intake session

If you have both agreed to use us as your mediator, book a fixed fee Mediation of your choice (city, online, after hours or Saturday)
and each book a separate Mediation Intake session (schedule them at least 2 weeks before the mediation).

If you need more information about the process, book a free Divorce Options Discovery Session.

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