Child-Focussed Mediation

Child-focussed mediation is a form of family mediation or family dispute resolution, where the needs of the child are placed into focus. 

Are you lying awake at night worrying about your separation?

Child-focussed mediation might be right for you if:

The other parent wants more time with the kids and you don't think they are ready
You think you are being alienated from your kids
You don't think the children aren't coping with your ex's new partner
You can't agree what the kids will cope with during school holidays

Child-focussed mediation differs from traditional family dispute resolution as it brings together the skills of an experienced mediator, Jennifer Hetherington, and our Child Consultant, Leanne Bamford.

Leanne Bamford
Leanne Bamford | Social Worker | Family and Child Consultant
Jennifer Hetherington Mediator
Jennifer Hetherington | Mediator | Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

What are the benefits of Child-focussed Mediation?

During child-focussed mediation you will hear insights and recommendations about age and developmentally appropriate arrangements, for your children.  These are based on Leanne’s decades of experience working with families in the family law courts. She can help both parties hear what your children need post-separation.   This can be particularly helpful where you and the other parent disagree about what is in your children’s best interest.

Jennifer then works with you to develop a parenting plan around those recommendations, evolving over time if needed. 

Will the children have a voice in child focussed mediation?

In Child-focussed mediation, the Child Consultant does not meet with your children, but provides a voice for them based on decades of experience working with children and separated families.

If you believe your children need a stronger voice in family mediation, and for their wishes to be heard, then you might consider Child-Inclusive Mediation instead of Child focussed mediation.  In that process, the Child Consultant meets with your children and learns from them what they are experiencing. 

What if we don't reach agreement in child-focussed mediation?

If you and the other parent can’t agree on a parenting plan during child-focussed mediation, we can issue you with a s. 60I Certificate– the document you need before you can make an application for parenting orders in the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia.

How much does child-focussed mediation cost?

$5,950 ($5409.09 + GST per family)

This includes a 1.5 to 2 hour private parent preparation session for each parent with the Mediator and Child Consultant, and the Our Family in Two Homes resource.

If Mediation is by video, there is no room hire cost, otherwise it is charged at cost (approx $100 per party).