Parenting Coordination Order Template

1. The parties must within 28 days appoint Jennifer Hetherington, as parenting coordinator (the Parenting Coordinator), for a minimum term of 12 months from the date of these Orders, on the terms provided in this Order and in the form of the parenting coordination agreement endorsed by Parenting Coordination Australia (the Standard PC Agreement), provided that where the terms of this Order conflict with the Standard PC Agreement this Order will prevail.

2. The parties must attend on the Parenting Coordinator as required by the parenting coordinator on a non-confidential basis.

3. The parties’ parenting arrangements in relation to the Children are set out in: [insert as appropriate]

      • Their Minutes of Consent Order dated [date]
      • Their [interim/final] Parenting Plan dated [date]
      • [the interim/a final] court order made by The Honourable Justice/Judge/Registrar [Name of Judicial Officer] on [date of order], (each separately and together referred to as the Parenting Plan.)

4. The parties will complete the appointment of the Parenting Coordinator, including:

(a) selection of the Parenting Coordinator (if not named in this order);

(b) execution of the Standard PC Agreement; and

(c) remittance of all requisite retainers and deposits

on or before [date], with liberty to apply to the Court failing conclusion of the appointment of the Parenting Coordinator.

5. The Parenting Coordinator may assist the parties in the implementation of the Parenting Plan in the following manner and on a non-confidential basis by building consensus between the parties, including, but not limited to, by:

(a) developing and instituting guidelines for the implementation of the parenting terms of this Order;

(b) developing and instituting guidelines for communications between the parties

(c) identifying, creating and implementing strategies for resolving conflicts between the parties;

(d) providing information respecting resources available to the parties for the improvement of their communication or parenting skills; and

(e) by issuing Recommendations and/or Proposed Protocols that the Parenting Coordinator believes would be in the best interest of the children in the implementation of the Parenting Plan and, if the event the Parenting Coordinator issues such Recommendation or Proposed Protocol, shall provide the parties with written reasons for that Recommendation or Proposed Protocolp

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