Fixed Fee Family Mediators
Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners

What is Family Mediation?

Unyting the Knot helps Sydney couples going through divorce or separation reach agreement
about all family law matters including parenting, custody and property settlement.

Our fixed fee family mediation packages offer you the certainty and security of knowing what your divorce will cost, upfront.

Sydney family lawyers can be notoriously expensive and, unfortunately, litigious.

If you want the best for your family, you want a separation or divorce without court. 
A divorce that doesn't harm your children.

Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution are an opportunity to work with a family law mediator to agree, rather than argue.

To make sure that your point of view is understood and heard.

Sydney Mediation family law mediators Sydney family lawyers

How is your family mediation
different from other family mediators in Sydney?​

We take the commitment to families and divorce without court, to the next level.

Sydney Mediation by other family law mediators requires you to find a family lawyer and get your own legal advice.

You or your former partner might end up seeing a family lawyer who is more interested in dragging things out,
than helping you reach a family law agreement quickly and at an affordable price.

Untying the Knot has a panel of family lawyers in Sydney who are all trained in and committed to Collaborative Law.

As part of the family mediation process with Untying the Knot,  family lawyers commit that they will not take your family law matter to court.

You will have Sydney family lawyers working with you who are committed to divorce without court, not taking you to the Family Court.

Sydney family lawyers can also be very expensive.

All the family lawyers on the Sydney panel for Untying the Knot work within our fixed fee family mediation packages.
No hidden extras.
No surprises.
One fixed fee family law package from start to finish.

Do your family law mediators assist with property settlement or custody and parenting?

Sydney Family Law Mediators on the Untying the Knot panel are Nationally Accredited Mediators.
If they are helping you work out custody issues or a parenting plan, they are also
Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners.

Our Sydney family mediators and family dispute resolution practitioners can help you to develop a parenting plan,
which your family lawyers can make into custody orders.
You can also develop a property settlement agreement for your family lawyers to make into a legally binding family law order.

If you are recently separated, our family law mediators can also help you work out how to tell your children you are getting a divorce.

How much will family mediation cost with
Untying the Knot?

All the family mediators and family lawyers on our Sydney panel work within our fixed fee family law mediation packages.

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