Feedback about Child Inclusive Mediation

“From start to finish I was kept in the loop and the outcome I wanted I got thanks to your expertise and knowledge. I’m so happy with everything that happened.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did, I can move forward knowing that I was supported with my children and their best interests.”


“The child expert was exceptional. Very knowledgeable and supportive.”


Feedback about Family Mediation

“Mediation was next level – reading body language and intervening when I didn’t have the strength to speak.  I have recommended you to several people already.  The mediation process was a breeze compared with dealing with solicitors.”


“Jennifer really kept the day on track and very goal oriented, but always reminded us of the agreements reached, which is important at the start. I thought she ‘read the room’ very accurately, and also helped the lawyers with document preparation which mean we could upload orders at the end of the day.


“It was a smooth experience.  Would recommend you to a friend”


What went well? “The responsive between parties and committed to achieving the goal by the end of the day.  Extremely likely to recommend you to a friend or colleague.”


“..a safe environment where I felt I could express my concerns and have them heard completely.
I was completely happy with the experience.
I now look at mediation differently. I think it can be very beneficial for anybody who just wants to have a productive conversation even if the conflict is not serious. It can really help with confidence building, communication and understanding the other parties. I have come away from meditation with Jennifer with a new outlook on how I look at my co parenting situation and myself. As sense of self awareness in my part of the coparenting relationship.”


Feedback about Parenting Coordination

“Jennifer was amazing”


“Thank you for your help to learn how to communicate with each other in a constructive way”