Separated? What happens next?

Working out a parenting plan and custody arrangements can be daunting when you are already dealing with separation and all that brings. 

You might be feeling exhausted. 
It might have been a really long road to get to this point.
Or maybe it came quickly, and you’re now left struggling to catch your breath and trying to work out what happens next and how you can make sure your kids will be okay.

The 'Our Family in Two Homes' Resource Package can help with custody and parenting negotiations

The Our Family in Two Homes Workbook and resource package demystifies the process of working out a parenting plan and custody arrangements.

We share this resource with parents who are separating and need to work out custody and parenting arrangements through mediation for their children and/or finances, as well as parents working with us in parenting coordination.

The resource package provides a guided step-by-step approach to working out a parenting agreement.  

It allows you to work through aspects of it in your own time, with guidance from us as your mediator along the way.

Ultimately, it helps you develop a parenting plan or custody order that meets your children’s individual needs, and provides a long-lasting agreement, minimising the possibility of conflict between parents.


How much does the 'Our Family in Two Homes' Resource Package cost?

Untying the Knot is committed to fixed fees, so we offer the Our Family in Two Homes Resource Package as an inclusion with all our mediation packages.

What is the difference between Mediation and the Resource Package?

From learning to communicate with one another in a healthy way, to making decisions related to custody and parenting, finances and dividing property, the Our Family in Two Homes Workbook and Resource Package goes above and beyond traditional mediation – but at no extra cost.

Along the way you access the knowledge of an experienced family lawyer and mediator.

How can Our Family in Two Homes help us work out custody and parenting?

Rather than turning up to mediation and having to make all the decisions on the day – without knowing the questions that might be asked
Our Family in Two Homes provides you with a guidebook so each of you can independently work through the questions and the information contained in the Workbook.  This means when you come to your sessions with your mediator and, if working in child-focussed mediation or child-inclusive mediation, the Child Consultant, you will already have better insights into what makes each of you ‘tick’ and the communication barriers you might be experiencing.

In essence, it helps us, help you.

The Our Family in Two Homes Workbook raises the tough issues and gives you time to think about them, so you make decisions in mediation that give you the best chance of a conflict-free future for your children.

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