What is a child inclusive mediation?

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A child inclusive mediation allows children to have their voices heard, and their needs recognised through a trained, expert child consultant. 

By hearing how your children are experiencing and reacting to your separation, what is working well for them, and what is not, you can make better-informed decisions about their parenting in mediation.

Will my children be in the mediation room with us?


A child inclusive mediation is a safe space for your children to speak with an experienced child consultant with many years of experience interviewing children and reporting back to families.

These are private sessions with the child specialist to ensure your children feel comfortable and safe.

How does the child inclusive mediation process work?

The process is as follows:

  • The parents each have a mediation intake with a registered family dispute resolution practitioner (mediator)
  • The child consultant then speaks with each parent and confirms suitability for the process
  • The child consultant then meets with the children
  • On a separate day, the parents have a family mediation during which the child consultant provides feedback to assist the parents and the mediator.

You also receive and work through the Our Family in Two Homes resource to assist you to identify the concerns you bring to the table.

Child Inclusive Mediation young child interview using drawing with crayons

Can child inclusive interviews be used in court?


As mediation is a confidential process, everything that is said by the parents, the mediator, the child consultant and the children is privileged and cannot later be used in court.

Child inclusive mediation is designed to help you agree on parenting arrangements for your children and is not an evidence gathering exercise.

Is child inclusive mediation the same as a family report?

While child inclusive mediation has some similarities with the family report process, the family consultant does not produce a written report.

Why use child inclusive mediation?

Child inclusive mediation can provide you with a timelier resolution to your parenting dispute, and a more conciliatory experience than a family report process. 

Having the opportunity to know what your children are experiencing, can help parents make better decisions for their children.

It is a collaborative and conversational approach focussed on reaching an agreement, rather than a clinical and forensic process focussed on court. 

How do I learn more about child inclusive mediation?

Read more about our child inclusive mediation process or book a free Discovery call via our Bookings page.

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