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School holidays extended due to COVID. Who gets the extra time with the kids?

With the Queensland school holidays extended and the return to school delayed due to the high rates of COVID in the state, many separated parents are faced with working out who will have the care of the children during those extra one or two weeks.   The answer about what to do will depend on a range of factors If you do not have Orders or a Parenting Plan who gets the extra time with the children? If you have a reasonably amicable co-parenting relationship then you and your co-parent will hopefully be able to work this out without too much […]

COVID19 Coronavirus co-parenting challenges

Co-parenting during COVID19 Coronavirus

Co-parenting can bring its challenges. The current COVID19 Coronavirus sweeping the globe is something that seems unlikely to improve a co-parenting relationship.But we don’t think it necessarily has to be that way. Coronavirus presents challenges for co-parenting Some co-parents are struggling right now. What do you do if one parent has to go into self-isolation? Do you still have changeover between the parents? What if there are immune-compromised grandparents who could be put at risk? If you have parenting orders in place, you must follow them unless you have a ‘reasonable excuse’. There is no definition of ‘reasonable excuse’ – […]