Do mothers have more rights than fathers in australian family law

Do Mothers have more rights than Fathers in Australia?

Sometimes fathers feel like mothers have more rights than fathers in Australia’s family law system.  But the truth is, unlike some other countries, there is no gender bias in the Family Law Act.  The Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia are required to make orders that are in the best interests of children, regardless of the parent’s gender or sexual orientation. What rights do fathers have in Australian family law? Fathers don’t have rights in Australian family law. But nor do mothers.  Yes, you read that right!   The way our family law system is structured, it is children who […]

win win outcome mediation

How to get a win-win outcome in Mediation

People often talk about the goal of achieving a win-win outcome in mediation.  But is it really possible and if so, how? Win-win outcomes vs splitting the difference In some mediations, a win-win outcome is seen as splitting the difference.  For example, in a parenting mediation if one party wants the children to spend 7 nights with them every fortnight and the other wants it to be 5 nights, compromising on 6 nights is splitting the difference. In a property mediation, if one party wants $100,000 and the other is offering $200,000, settling on $150,000 is splitting the difference. Why […]